Rachel Bromberg

Marta and Oliver

Rachel with Harvey, Bandit and Sterling

Rachel joined Foothill Pet Hospital (FPH) as a veterinary assistant in November 2016.  Rachel was born and raised in Los Angeles, and moved to our beautiful Santa Barbara area to attend UC Santa Barbara (UCSB).  She completed her degree in Biological Sciences, and graduated from UCSB in March 2017.  Her goal is to get into veterinary school and pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Rachel is thrilled to join our FPH staff.  She has always wanted to work and learn in a small animal and exotic veterinary setting.  With her enthusiasm, energy, inquisitiveness, supportiveness, and tremendous interest in learning and helping, Rachel is a wonderful addition to our FPH family.  When you meet Rachel, it is readily apparent that she is a very warm, supportive and caring person.  Pets seem to readily sense this and are calmer with her too.

Rachel is an eager and avid learner.  She listens to instructions and directions attentively, and jumps in to help wherever she is needed.  With her boundless enthusiasm, it is readily apparent that Rachel wants to learn and experience everything she can.  We think FPH will be a great setting for her. 

All our staff is supportive and team-oriented.  Rachel will learn and get hands-on experience with the roles and functions of a veterinary assistant.  While this will help her in her future endeavors, her proficiency will continue to assist FPH in providing the best in patient care and comfort.

As with all our staff at FPH, Rachel will have numerous and multifold functions with patient care and comfort being paramount.  Some of her main duties include assisting Dr. Ritt with exams and patient procedures; assisting Emilie and the other staff with treatments and procedures; assisting with anesthesia and surgeries; taking x-rays; performing in-hospital laboratory tests; filling prescriptions; assisting clients upon checking in and out; answering phones; assisting clients with their pets, questions and concerns; front office duties; and maintaining hospital cleanliness.  As with the other staff, Rachel has the honor of playing with Dr. Ritt's Bruin (a.k.a. Bru) too.  And, as everyone knows at FPH, Bru is very picky about whom he chooses to play.

While Rachel was at UCSB, she worked in the Feinstein Laboratory.  She participated and helped research chemotherapeutic agents and their effects on neuronal health.  She loves research, and hopes she can incorporate that into her veterinary medical studies.  She sang and coordinated concerts with Vocal Motion, an all female acapella group.  And, Rachel donated her time and energy to help bake and sell challah bread.  The group then donated their proceeds to Santa Barbara Path and to the National Challah for Hunger Foundation.

Rachel volunteers at Animal Services by walking and training the dogs.  And, she helps out at the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, where she assists in the rehabilitation and release of wildlife.

Growing up, Rachel wanted to have numerous pets.  Rachel was able to start with two precious cats named Sneaker and Pumpkin.  While she really wanted to have a dog too, her folks were not so thrilled.  So, Rachel has been biding her time until she is in her own place.  Once that happens, she plans to adopt a dog.  Now that she has graduated, she feels this time is coming soon.  Currently, due to her housing situation, her buddies are two wonderful and adorable rats named Beyonce and Harvey (both males).  She gets a real treat seeing how smart, interactive and playful they can be.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys such hobbies and endeavors as painting, doing yoga, watching anime television, and teaching her special friends Beyonce and Harvey new tricks.